Commercial Roofing

TPO roofs, also known as thermal plastic olefin, are constructed in a way that makes them extremely durable and resistant to water leaks. This roofing material is a favorite among those in the roofing industry, but the material is only as strong as the roofer that performs the installation. When it comes to choosing a roof for commercial businesses, TPO roofs are usually the best choice. The professionals at Crown Exteriors and Construction will perform a full inspection of your building to determine if a TPO roof is the best application to use for you. A quality TPO roof can provide a number of benefits to businesses and commercial establishments in the Chicagoland area, including:
  • Resistance to UV rays, ozone, algae, and other harmful substances
  • Resilience against tearing and puncturing
  • Flexibility, which allows for building movement without cracking or tearing
  • A lifespan of approximately 10 to 20 years
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Why Did GAF Do This Study?
* The increasing popularity of TPO roofing systems has led to much confusion, exaggerated claims, and misinformation about TPO as a product class (and about which TPO brand performs the best).

* GAF engaged Structural Research Inc. (SRI), a well-known and highly respected laboratory that has done testing with UL, NRCA, and MRCA, to perform the large in-depth study.

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