Has the exterior of your Home or Business been damaged by a Storm ?
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As a home or business owner in the Chicagoland area, you know that storm damage can cause havoc on the exterior of your structure. Hail, tornadoes, ice, snow, and high winds pose a constant threat. Property owners must regularly monitor the condition of their roofs, siding, gutters, and windows for potential storm damage.
When a powerful storm strikes, our dedicated team of certified project managers and insurance specialists can provide complete storm damage assessment and repair for both residential and commercial customers. As part of our service, we also work directly with insurance companies to ensure a maximized claim check with any storm damage project. Should the initial check not cover the total cost of the necessary repairs, we negotiate directly with the insurance company to make sure our clients pay nothing out of pocket beyond the standard insurance deductible. 
What storm damage looks like
Storm damage is not easily diagnosed by the untrained eye. To the left is a shingled roof with several hail hits. These hits cannot be seen from the ground, which is why it is important to have a trained roofing technician inspect your home. When your roof is impacted by hail the granules break loose. This exposes the asphalt underlayment to the sun which in turn causes cracks and fractures to the matting which is what causes leaks. Below are examples of wind and hail damage to shingles, siding, screens, and air conditioning units. Make sure to call Crown Exteriors and Construction for a free inspection to diagnose the severity of your damage. Your insurance company is responsible for full replacement if you have damage!

Damaged Aluminum Siding ?

One of the most common calls that we receive from homeowners in the Chicagoland area is in regards to damaged aluminum siding.  The experts at Crown Exteriors and Construction will give you a fair and honest assessment of your homes siding and give you options to repair or replace the damaged product. We handle projects like this all the time and you can feel confident that customer satisfaction is our #1 objective. Find out more about Aluminum Siding, and other types of siding on our SIDING page.
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